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Back in the year 2000, I setup and maintained a website called woglife at wog.com.au

The site was a bit of a meeting place for members of Australia’s multicultural community who chose to use the word “wog” to describe themselves.

The website ran from June 1999 until around December 2006, it was immensely popular within the community and still holds a place in many people’s hearts.

Sadly, Woglife is no longer on the web, You will find many imitators and various rip offs of some of our content but the real thing is no more. Sorry about that.

However, the National Library of Australia’s  project Pandora archived the site a few times during its life, if you like you can view the website as it was on 24th July 2004 here, which was the latest archive they made.

Running Woglife was quite an experience, both positive and negative. Coding and running a social media website in a time before facebook and before the proliferation of ready made packages to handle these sorts of things was also quite an experience.

But I have moved on. So please note the following:

  • Yes, I still own the domain wog.com.au.
  • I have no plans to start up woglife again.
  • I have regularly knocked back generous offers to sell or rent the domain.

With that in mind if there’s something about the site you wish to discuss then please leave a comment on this post, No comments will be published but if you seem nice, I will probably find it hard to not get back to you.

Thanks to everyone who was involved with woglife over the years.

Be nice to each other.


Chris Zissiadis
WogLife Site Editor

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