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Film Sales

I currently have film and other photographic supplies for sale.
All stock is stored in refrigerated environment.
Free pickup in Melbourne CBD is available or please select the appropriate postage option before checking out.

Portra 160 Medium format pro pack (5 rolls)
Expires: 03/2015


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You can own your own piece of urbanlight, whether it’s a book, print or even a commissioned shoot of that special piece of Melbourne.

Commissioned shoots

I’d be extremely happy to shoot for you, be it a commercial, non-profit or personal project. If you like what I do, and have a location or idea in mind that I haven’t covered, then let’s make it happen.

More details soon

urbanlight Tours

Stay tuned for our 1on1 tours for photographers. If you are visiting Melbourne and want to make sure you capture the best the city has to offer photographically then let us be your guide.


Print sale options coming soon, in the mean time if you are interested in obtaining a print of any urbanlight image get in touch.[break]


A Photobook of the photos that appeared in the original urbanlight blog is coming soon.

You can purchase a copy of my first photobook, “of four equal sides” featuring medium format images of Melbourne, at blurb.com

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