Whole Roll Project: Matthew Joseph: Mamiya 7, 43mm, Reala

Our next Whole Roll Project is by Matthew Fotodudenz Joseph.
He’s still shooting wide, but now in medium format Fuji Reala 100, on a Mamiya 7. 

Matthew Robert Joseph Peninsula Contact Mamiya 7
Matthew Joseph Whole Roll – Mamiya 7, 43mm lens, Fuji Reala 100
(Frame 1 top left)

The last roll I shared was possibly one of the worst rolls I have ever shot, this one is possibly one of the best!

Ambre and I were going away for a long weekend to Mornington Peninsula so I kind of had to throttle back the photo taking, don’t get me wrong, Ambre likes to take a photo but not at the same quantity as me. And like I mentioned, this roll turned out to be one of the best ever, so many hits, why turn down an opportunity to prove how awesome you are.

I shot it on my Mamiya 7 and 43mm on Fuji Reala film.

There's a ship on the horizon. Matthew Robert Joseph urbanlight whole roll project Mamiya 7

Frame 1: I am really digging the minimalist thing at the moment, I’m trying to teach myself not to clutter up the viewfinder. Even though I haven’t shot a lot with it recently, going from the Xpan to the Mamiya is amazing, a foreground! a foreground!

Frame 2: When shooting wide, get close, real close, but not too close! Exactly how close is difficult to determine especially when your viewfinder is not exact, when in doubt, get closer/further away. I did notice after I took the shot the top of the pole wasn’t in frame, reverse! reverse!

Fisherman - Matthew Robert Joseph urbanlight whole roll project Mamiya 7

Frame 3: While I was taking these two shots there was a chap with a Nikon DSLR to my left, he was holding his camera up but watching me, his mouth was agape the whole time, after I took my two shots I went over to him and picked his jaw off the wharf for him.

Fishermen - Matthew Robert Joseph urbanlight whole roll project Mamiya 7

Frame 4: I walked past these guys earlier and they looked a little too Zone 3 to take photos of so I didn’t try anything, but on the way back they were too engrossed in their fishing to notice I was there. I just stood there for a bit and after I became invisible I pulled my camera out, people were amazed at the floating camera.

Gone Fishin' - Matthew Robert Joseph urbanlight whole roll project Mamiya 7

Frame 5: Ambre was shooting this scene on Marshmallow aka her pink Fuji Instax Mini 8 and I thought I’d give it a crack, I thought it would have turned out a lot darker shooting into the sun and all but no, looks fine.

Frame 6: This was down the road a bit further and we initially drove right past it because we were looking for somewhere to pump up the tyres, we doubled back and I took the photo. Needed to be darker and more contrast added. While we were stopped I saw a bit of a beach house poking out from behind a bush, went and looked at it, boring, but then I saw…

Solitary - Matthew Robert Joseph urbanlight whole roll project Mamiya 7

Frame 7: This awesome beach house.
Good times were had at this one, there were booze bottles and remnants of fireworks everywhere! Darkened again, also a bit more contrast.

Stripes - Matthew Robert Joseph urbanlight whole roll project Mamiya 7

Frame 8: This was shot on the way to Cape Schanck, it looked better through the viewfinder, meh, I uploaded it anyway.

Frame 9: At Cape Schanck, this one was also LBTTVF, I just invented something. I’m not sure if I uploaded this one.

Bus Stop - Matthew Robert Joseph urbanlight whole roll project Mamiya 7

Frame 10: The next day, Ambre and I had been on a bit of a drive further down the peninsula and we were now headed back to Melbourne, I saw this scene and made her turn around. It was pissing down with rain and the cars just kept on coming. You can’t tell from this image but my shutter speed was too slow and it’s actually a bit soft, so I sharpened the shit out of it and reduced the size and nobody will know, except for you and me, internet.

There you have it, a roll of winners, 8/10 ain’t bad at all.

When I’m taking photos on holiday I tend to go a little crazy, I will shoot and shoot until I run out of film and then I pull out my phone. When travelling with others that don’t shoot as much as you be considerate with your time, I try not to shoot everything (I know, can you believe it?) It’ll probably be there next time you’re there and if it’s not, regress the regret, push it right down, it’s character building.

This was a weekend away for Ambre and I so had to shoot in a lower gear, I was more controlled with my exposures, that’s probably why I got so many winners on one roll. Also even though I get my film and processing at a really good rate I don’t like spending too much of my salary on film and processing, I don’t know how some of you do it, you’re obviously earning way more than me, that wouldn’t be hard.

So what have we learned?

  • When shooting wide, get closer, unless it’s too close.
  • Take your time, unless you’re on holiday, then hurry the fuck up.
  • iPhones and iPads are a good distraction for others when you’re making art. If you are overseas or in New Zealand you might want to also provide internet access while on the road, they will appreciate it. Also, let them (think they) control the music.


Thanks Matthew, the Mamiya 7 has to be the most wantworthy medium format camera out there. Thanks for sharing this roll of winners. 

If you’d like to submit to the Urbanlight Whole Roll Project please get in touch.

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