Whole Roll Project: Dave Carswell – Kowa Six + Kodak TriX 400

Melbourne photographer Dave Carswell gives us our next insight into film photography sharing an entire roll of Kodak TriX400 120 shot with a Kowa Six

Dave Carswell whole roll of Kodak TriX shot in Kowa Six
Frame 1 top left to frame 12 bottom right (click for inverse)

Camera: Kowa Six with 55mm lens.
Film:  Kodak Tri -X
Processing: X-Tol which was expertly mixed by Liam White.
I used solution diluted 1:1 and developed the film for 9 minutes agitating every minute.
Scanning: Dusty Epson V500


I shot the following roll of film for a portrait shoot with local musician Fraser Gorman. It’s part of an ongoing series where I have been shooting creative types at their homes or in their work spaces. In choosing their natural environments, I am hoping to provide relaxed portraits and perhaps allude to aspects of their lives which might not be seen by others.

I shot a roll and a half of black and white film with the Kowa and had a few frames of Kodak Portra which was loaded into my Hasselblad. The whole series is to be shot with black and white film and I rely heavily on natural light.

This shoot took place at Fraser’s house and the whole thing took about 45 minutes. I knew that Fraser had an intimate relationship with his chooks and so I wanted to capture a few shots of him with his favourite chicken  – Detective Greggs as well as some other shots.


Frame 1. The first few frames of a shoot I always find a bit hit and miss. Fraser and I hit it off straight away and the first frame is one of the better ones from the roll. Shooting in the shade of the chook pen gave some nice even light which is great for skin tones in black and white photography.


Frame 2. The 50mm lens I use is quite wide which is great for tight spaces. I did see some lens flare when taking a few shots which I thought might have added a nice touch. It hasn’t really added anything special to this shot.


Frame 5. When firing off a few quick successive frames, I tend to forget to keep checking all the elements of the image. This isn’t a very flattering photo of the subject and the framing of the door is off centre.


Frame 7. We moved inside where there was beautiful light coming in from a window behind me and one to my right.


Frame 9. There’s some nervous energy in this photo that I like. The background is a little distracting and the horizon isn’t even.


Frame 10. I decreased the exposure to catch the light running through the kitchen and across his body/face.


Frame 11. The same photograph with a more natural pose. This is probably my favourite on the roll.


Thanks very much for sharing that with us Dave.  Dave’s Melburnians project has produced some really memorable shots.

Dave Carswell Kowa Six selfie

You can see more of Dave Carswell’s work at www.davecarswell.com

If you are interested in contributing a roll to the urbanlight whole roll project please get in touch.

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