Melbourne spring in glorious black and white

Melbourne spring has totally sprung, and what better way could there be to celebrate the new season than with a roll of gritty grainy black and white film? No better way.

Smokers, clearly not yet used to the brightness of the sunshine seek the safety and familiarity of a nearby alley

A potential smoker.

CZissiadisSpring800Sep2013-087Me, watching a man, watching art, being art…

What I really ought do, is print a few copies of this photo and place them randomly in the books on display at the NGV Bookshop and then stand here and wait for browsers to notice one, realise what they are looking at and turn around.

CZissiadisSpring800Sep2013-084Coffee in the shade of elaborate architecture when it’s sunny.
This Is Melbourne.

CZissiadisSpring800Sep2013-095Art, some people get it.

CZissiadisSpring800Sep2013-082 CZissiadisSpring800Sep2013-081Light wrapping itself around Nauru House,.. welcome back old friend.

CZissiadisSpring800Sep2013-102Who doesn’t love Melbourne spring swings eh?

CZissiadisSpring800Sep2013-099Gratuitous Platform 4, Parliament Station shot. It’s always spring 1983 in the MURL.

CZissiadisSpring800Sep2013-089Wall texture and overcoats, can you feel the springtime buzz in the air?

CZissiadisSpring800Sep2013-080Download my street photography pro tips pamphlet and get access to street photographer secrets, like: “stand around and wait“, and, “poles going right through your frame are so hot right now“.

CZissiadisSpring800Sep2013-079Poorly framed man, hat, buckets, reflected photographer, street arrow, NOW THAT’S SPRINGTIME!

CZissiadisSpring800Sep2013-105Man sits in dappled sunlight with distracted puppy, in Canterbury whilst people unashamedly drink coffee near vespas just before a train arrives.

All of these shot 20-22 September 2013 on a Canon A1 with a (new) 28mm lens. Legacy Pro 400 35mm film, developed in Rodinal 1+50 for 11 minutes.

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