A Miner Shooting session

campbell arcade analogue cross-fire

Analogue film die-hard collective, The Melbourne Silver Mine  has been holding an annual intra-member film based portrait shooting event each year for a few years now. Last winter I hosted a gaggle of them for a meetup in Melbourne’s Campbell Arcade with the view of shooting one another.

It was a rather successful day which took us from Campbell Arcade, through Port Phillip Arcade, into the crusty and asbestosisly ambiguous Nicholas Building before coming to rest with ales at Young & Jackson.

We each took our turns being image subject and image maker.

shoot-a-miner-campbellarcade-035Many sought to capture my magnificence.

shoot-a-miner-campbellarcade-022 shoot-a-miner-campbellarcade-023
Size matters to Mr Marc Morel.


Emma Jay gearing up for her turn on the Campbell Arcade stairs


shoot-a-miner-campbellarcade-045Moments of Klaas. Daniel joined us on level 1 of The Nicholas.


Mr Ross Holmberg in action, Campbell Arcade.

shoot-a-miner-campbellarcade-046 shoot-a-miner-campbellarcade-049
Kat White was in town, Lan’s a fan.

All of my photos are taken with a Canon EOS5, 50mm 1.4 shot on Legacy Pro 400 (Thanks to Lea for developing the film).

The following are some of the pics by others taken at this meet.

• º • º •  • º • º •
Photos by Emma Jay: Damo | Lea
taken using 320 polaroid land camera loaded with expired polaroid ID-UV film

xpan neo1600504
xpan neo1600507
xpan neo1600520
Photographer: Damian Young Lea | Ross | Me
taken with a Hasselblad xPan, Fuji Neopan 1600 film

Ross | Polaroid
Photographer: Lea Williams
Ross | Marc Shot on a Polaroid 220 | Fuji FP 3000B (inverted negative for shot of Marc)

To see more of the shots that formed part of the Melbourne Silver Mine’s Shoot a Miner project, check out this slideshow on flickr, or the record of the annual presentation on Vimeo.

If you are Melbourne based, into your analogue photography but not heard of the Melbourne Silver Mine, where have you been hiding?

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