Just Don’t Call It Street – BIFB11 Fringe show

New Chancery Lane

The Cakebearers
New Chancery Lane, Melbourne,
Canon Canonet QL17 GIII, Kodak TriX400

I was very pleased to have had my photographs included in the Melbourne Silver Mine’s 2011 Ballarat International Foto Biennale Fringe program show “Just Don’t Call it Street”.

Involvement in the show gave me the opportunity to showcase a broad sample  of my film based street/social documentary work. The photos were taken with a range of camera/film combinations and captured the things I like to shoot along with a few techniques and formats that I have enjoyed using over the preceding two or three years.

alfred+place unionist
Alfred Place
Canon Canonet QL17 GIII, Kodak Portra 160NC

union lane, Melbourne, 2010
Canon EOS5, Fuji reala 100

three_eight_fiveThree Eight Five
Bourke Street, Melbourne
Holga 120N, Kodak Ektachrome E100G, Cross Processed

the_alightersThe Alighters
Bourke Street Mall, 2009
Hasselblad 500C, Fuji Neopan 400

Bourke Street, Melbourne, 2010
Hasselblad 500C, Kodak Trix400

museumMelbourne Museum
Hasselblad 500C, Kodak Ektachrome E100G

dog_walkerDog Walker
Bourke Street, Melbourne,  2009
Canon Canonet 28, Kodak Prophoto100

Howey Place, Melbourne, 2008
Hasselblad 500C, Kodak Trix400

comme_gentleman scenes_from_the_quarter
Comme Gentleman
Alfred Place, Melbourne 2008
Canon A1, Legacy Pro 400

Scenes from The Quarter
Flinders Lane, Melbourne,
Canon EOS5, AGFA APX 100

back_to_the_crowdBack To The Crowd
Wellington, New Zealand, 2008
Hasselblad 500C, Kodak TriX 400

You can view my exhibited images as a set on flickr, and a slideshow of the entire show can be seen here.

The show was held at the incredibly charming Old Butcher Shop, a private home and art-space kindly offered as a venue for the Fringe Program by it’s owner. The show featured the work of 17 photographers all members of the analogue photographic collective, The Melbourne Silver Mine.

The 2013 instalment of the Biennale is on from August 17 to September 15 2013.


    1. Yeah, I’d like to write a bit about the fringe shows this year, looking forward to getting updates from the BIFB people on what’s on so I can make a start. I’d be keen to put together a street show someplace sometime if you are interested, that’s probably another conversation.

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