The Melbourne Film Shooter’s Guide

Melbourne has a thriving film shooting community. Whether you are a rusted-on believer in the old ways, or simply film curious, living in or visiting this city gives you an opportunity to buy gear, meet other like-minded folk or just get your analogue fix.

The Melbourne Film Shooter’s guide is a  record of where to go to get your analogue desires met. This page contains

This aims to be an all-inclusive list. It is not a set of hand-picked recommendations. I do try and keep this information current but please contact labs you discover via this list to check opening hours and services offered before heading across town as things are ever-changing.

If you are aware of any errors or omissions, please do get in touch and through the magic of 20/20 hindsight all will be made good.

The urbanlight Australian Film Photographer Index may also interest you.

The Melbourne Massive Photo Lab List


Here they are, all known Melbourne photo labs in Alphabetical order, including some notes on what they do and where they are.

Bond Imaging

facebook | email | website
ph: 03 9429 1299 4-8 Gwynne Street, Cremorne (Richmond)
C41 35mm, 120, 4×5, 5×7, 8×10 (ceased Mar 2016)
E6: 35mm, 120,4×5, 5×7, 8×10 (ceased Oct 2015)
B&W: Yes (ceased Mar 2016)

Brighton Bay Photos

ph:  (03) 9596 3708, 351 Bay Street, Brighton VIC 3186
C41: 110, 120, 135, APS

Colour Factory

facebook | email | website
ph: 03-9419 8756, Rear of 69 Chifley Drive Preston
C41 35mm, 120, 220, 4×5 (ceased January 2018)
B&W: 35mm, 120, 4×5 (ceased January 2018)
Darkroom printing & film scanning

CPL Digital

facebook | email | website
ph: (03) 8376 8376, 117 Thistlethwaite Street, South Melbourne
C41 35mm, 120, 220
B&W: Yes
Darkroom printing available

Croydon Camera House

facebook | email | website | ebay store
ph: 03 9725 3816, 125 Main Street, Croydon
C41 110, 135, 120, 220
B&W: 35mm, 120, 220

Dandenong Image Centre

facebook | email | website
ph: 03 9791 7262Shop 5/1 Langhorne StDandenong
C41 135, processing every 2nd week

DigiDIRECT Melbourne

email | website
ph:(03) 9670 6901,  217 Elizabeth St. Melbourne
C41: 35mm

Elliott’s Photographic Centre

facebook | email | web
ph: (03) 9576 3028, 116 Glenferrie Rd, Malvern
C41 35mm,

Film Never Die

facebook | email | website | instagram
6 Watertank Way, Melbourne
C41 35mm, 120, (most film types_
E6: Yes (outsourced)
B&W: Yes
Drop box and film vending machine available 24hrs
Large range of cameras & film.

The Fox Darkroom (closed 2021)

facebook | email | website | instagram
8 Elizabeth Street (via Laneway) Kensington
Darkroom Hire & services
B&W: full range of processing and darkroom printing

Halide Supply

facebook | email | website | instagram
24 Peel Street Collingwood
C41 35mm, 120, Xpan (same day possible)
E6: Yes (outsourced)
B&W: Yes
Self scanning on Fujifim frontier SP500

Hillvale Photo

facebook | email | website | twitter | instagram
16 Black Street, Brunswick
Please note opening hours, or make use of dropboxes located in CBD and inner north
C41 35mm, 110, 126, 120, 220, Disposables
E6: No (outsourced)
B&W: Yes
Mail orders welcome

Ikigai Camera

facebook | email | website | instagram
62 Albemarle Street Williamstown North
C41 35mm, 110, 126, 120, 220, Disposables
E6: Yes
B&W: Yes
Mail orders welcome

L and D One Hour Photo

ph: (03) 9417 4591, 322 Smith Street, Collingwood
C41 35mm, 120

michael’s Camera and Video (ceased all film processing) (closed 2021)

facebook | email | website | twitter
ph: (03) 9672 2222
Corner Elizabeth Street and Lonsdale Street Melbourne (263-269 Elizabeth Street)
C41: 35mm, 110, 126, 120, 220, 4×5, 5×7, 8×10 (ceased Nov 2020)
E6: 35mm, 110, 126, 120, 220, 4×5, 5×7, 8×10 (ceased Nov 2020)
B&W: 35mm, 110, 126, 120, 220, 4×5, 5×7, 8×10 (ceased Nov 2020)

Nelson’s Photography

ph: (03) 9432 1237, | Level 3 Greensborough Plaza
25 Main Street Greensborough
C41: 135

Open Lab

facebook | email | website
ph: 0404 931 390, 7 Easey Street Collingwood
Self service Photo lab, membership
C41: 35mm, 120, 4×5
E6: 35mm, 120, 4×5
B&W: 35mm

PEC Photovision

ph: 9557 0077, 520 Centre Road, Bentleigh
C41: 35mm

Peninsula Camera Centre

facebook | email | website
ph: 03 9781 4677, 32-34 Ross Smith Avenue (east), Frankston
C41: 35mm, 120
B&W: 35mm, 120


facebook | email | website
Ph: 03 9855 0006 ,143-145 High Street, Kew
C41: 35mm, 120

Photo Barn Burwood

facebook | email | website
ph: (03) 9802 0400, Burwood One Shopping Centre,
C41: 35mm, 120
B&W: 35mm, 120, 220

Photo Color Imaging Centre

facebook | email | website
ph: (03) 9459 5004, Warringal Shopping Centre, Heidelberg
C41: 35mm, APS 120

Photo Production House

facebook | email
ph: (03) 9529 6282, 245 High Street, Prahran
C41: 135, 120, 220
B&W: 135, 120, 220

The Photo Shop

email | facebook
ph: (03) 9646 2515, 215 Bay St, Port Melbourne
C41: 135

The Presentation Place

emailfacebook | website
h:  (03) 9397 1100, 3/17 Douglas Parade, Williamstown
C41: 135, 120, 220, APS

Prism Imaging

facebook | email | website
ph: (03) 9326 6635, 504 Abbotsford Street, North Melbourne
C41: 135, 120
E6: No
B&W: yes
C41 and black and white push processing on request

The Pro Lab

ph: (03) 9826 0391, 209 Toorak Road, South Yarra
C41: 110, 135, 120, APS
E6: No (ceased E6 in 2016)
B&W: yes


Ph: (03) 5941 1562 | 148 Main Street, Pakenham
also located at 16 Smith Street, Warragul
C41: 135, 120, 110, APS
B&W: Yes

Vanbar Imaging

facebook | email | website
ph:(03) 9417 5666, 450 Gore Street Fitzroy
C41: 110, 126, 127, 35mm, 120, 220, APS
C41 4×5 and push pull also possible on request
E6: 126, 127 35mm, 120, 220, 4×5,
B&W: 110, 127, 35mm, 120, 220, 4×5, 8×10
C22: On request
B&W Reversal: all formats to 4×5

Walkens House Of Film

email | website | facebook
101 Brunswick St Fitzroy
C41 35mm, 110, , 120, APS
E6: No
B&W: Yes (in house)
Mail order welcome, 24/7 drop box at store.
Huge stock of film in store

Work In Process

email | website
225 St Georges Road,Northcote,Victoria
Generally not open to the public, please contact
C41 35mm, 110, , 120, 220
E6: No
B&W: Yes
Mail orders welcome

Melbourne Massive Lab List google map.

View Melbourne Photo Lab List in a larger map

Melbourne Film Stockists

Most of the labs listed above also stock _some_ film.
Walkens, Vanbar and Michaels are most likely to have what you need.

Photoresource stock a wide range of films, chemistry and other analogue photo bits. (Aug 2016: Photoresource are now online only, no longer a physical store, otherwise no change to business/products)

Many international web retailers sell film and analogue gear for example – B&H, and The Impossible Project.

Analogue camera sales

Listed here are places in Melbourne where you can buy analogue camera gear. Most venues deal in second hand equipment

  • Andrews’Antipodean Photographic Emporium
    Tyabb Packing House Antique Centre, (Tyabb)
  • Australian Photographic Collectors Society
    Hold camera markets in Box Hill in March and September
  • Camera Exchange (Box Hill)
    Wide range of items available, their website has details
  • Camera Lane (Spotswood)
    Lt Bourke Street closed 2020, Spotswood store opening soon.
  • Croydon Camera House (Croydon)
    Broad range of lomography, polaroid and classic camera gear
    Their ebay store lists most items for sale
  • Flimneverdie (CBD)
    Large range of film and instant cameras
  • michaels camera & Video (CBD)
    Windows on Lonsdale Street display second hand gear
  • Peony Garden (CBD)
    283 Little Lonsdale Street
    No website, no phone,… (think Portlandia)
    A bit of a Melbourne curiosity, only open for an hour or two a day, has two cabinets of interesting film cameras at the back of the store. The rest of the store contains miscellaneous analogue or unidentifiable items.

Analogue aware camera repairers

Several repairers will be able to assist with repairs of analogue gear.

Camera Clinic

56 Easey Street, Collingwood
ph: (03) 9419 5247

Camera Exchange

17/277-289 Middleborough Rd, Box Hill South
(03) 9898 4999

Shutter-Box (closed April 2018)

1163 Camberwell Road, Camberwell

Nagami Camera Service (retired 2020)

17 Woodville Road, Mooroolbark ph: (03) 9727 3388


Level 5, 358 Lonsdale St, Melbourne  ph: (03) 9602 1820

Other organisations you should know about

Asia Pacific Photobook Archive

The Asia Pacific Photobook Archive (APPA) a not-for-profit open-access physical archive of self-published and independent photobooks. The APPA is established to provide a ‘real’ way to see photobooks that would otherwise only be viewable online.
website | facebook

Gold Street Studios

Offering workshops, supplies and resources for large format and alternate process photography. Located in Trentham Victoria

Melbourne Camera Club

The MCC have been around since 1891, and are worth checking out.

Nano Lab

If you are interested in small gauge motion picture film processing or supplies then Nano Lab is totally up your 8mm alley. (located in Daylesfordm Victoria)


Melbourne public access darkroom space is scarce at present with both The Fox Darkroom and Noir Darkroom closing permanently during 2021.

District Darkroom Coburg


There are several galleries in Melbourne that either specialise in photography or almost do.

  • Fox Darkroom (Kensington) (closed 2021)
  • Ruffian Gallery and Studio (Footscray) (closed April 2016)
  • Strange Neighbour (Fitzroy) (Gallery closed November 2016, darkroom closed 2019)
  • Edmund Pearce (CBD) (closed December 2014)
Mr Alan Adler working on one of the few remaining analogue photo booths
Mr Alan Adler working on one of Melbourne’s few remaining analogue photo booths. The booth was recently moved from the Elizabeth Street Entrance to Flinders Street station to a new spot, still on Flinders Street but a little closer to the main station entrance.


This Guide is maintained by Chris Zissiadis, keen film snapper and shooter of Melbourne things.

Please let me know of any errors, omissions or new stuff. Email me, or leave a comment below.

You may also hunt me down on facebook, twitter, instagram and flickr


        1. Thanks Will, yeah am on to Hillvale, they open up at the end of July, doing c41 35mm and 120 initially, with B&W down the track, Quite cheap too, although they wont be open 9-5 as such.

  1. Hey I was just wondering if you had a list of analogue photo booths that still exist around Melbourne? I know there’s one on Chapel Street (well from the last time I checked) but I would love to find some others! Cheers 🙂

    1. Thanks for this, I’d been meaning to mention these in the guide.

      I know the booths at the Elizabeth Street entrance to Flinders Street Station are analogue, and the booth that was located at the top of the escalators near the La Trobe Street and Swanston Street corner of Melbourne Central (the floor where the cinema is) was analogue, but I’d need to check that it’s still in operation and not swapped to a digital booth since all the changes at Melbourne Central.

  2. A few changes to the lab list today.
    We welcome Hillvale – http:://
    I’ve added Digi Direct to the list, they are on the old Camera House site corner of Lt Bourke and Elizabeth and still do 35mm priocessing.|
    Updated Jade Studio (mentone) details, there were rumours that they were closing down, but these were false, great news.

    Any other changes or additions, please let me know.

    1. I don’t list prices in the guide at this stage, price is not an indicator of quality – good or bad. If you have a lot to develop most places will do a deal with you so I’d suggest you get in touch with a few labs. Expect to pay $7 for develop only 35mm. At the moment Hillvale are new and reasonably priced. Light Leaks also have a special on Tuesdays which makes their services pretty economical. But please get in touch with labs near you.

      1. Just letting you know about Focal Point in North Geelong. I know it’s not Melbourne but only an hour away from the CBD. Victoria’s only remaining public access darkroom, film, paper and chemistry sales, used darkroom and photography equipment, studio for hire and a huge gallery dedicated to photography in all its forms. Open Wednesdays to Sunday’s 10am to 5pm.

  3. Updated Monday 23 Sept 2013:

    1. Added Smith’s Kodak Express Greensborough
    2. Noted that Elizabeth Photo Centre (CBD) is rumoured to be closing down.
    3..Added dropbox link for Hillvale and Light Leaks
    4. Added Twitter accounts for Hillvale and Light Leaks
    5. Added instagram link for Hillvale
    6. Added Ruffian Gallery and Source Photographica to galleries.

    1. Thanks a lot for maintaining this list.

      Unfortunately the Pro Lab on Toorak Rd. seems to have closed / turned into a massage place, at least that’s the impression I got from driving by the other day.

      1. Thanks for the comment Bernd, but I am happy to confirm that The Pro Lab are still there, full service lab. They moved a few doors closer to Chapel Street a year ago (today as it happens) but definitely still at 209 Toorak Road.South Yarra.

    1. Hi Kate, yes I’d like to have that information included, I plan to contact all the labs soon to get updated information and will ask them specifically about “optical” prints. There aren’t many that I’m aware of and none that I have personal experience with but I have heard people mention Bond Imaging still offer this service.

  4. Cool thanks man! Yeah wasn’t sure of the term 🙂 always think it defeats the purpose to shoot with film to have digital prints!!

  5. Added The Instant Camera Guy to the repairers list. Jake recently relocated to Melbourne from Perth, repairs, mods and sells a wide range of instant cameras and also repairs other analogue gear, in particular the Canon A Series (which reminds me, my A1 needs some attention) Facebook

    1. Am now looking to find someone else to print Dad’s fab B&W negs from 60-70 years ago as sadly Borg’s in Moonee Ponds has just recently closed. This website is very helpful and maybe my salvation.

      1. Many of the labs listed will be able to help Dom. It’s worth contacting the labs and getting a price on the lot. Let me know how you get on, best of luck, it’s a rewarding thing to do.

  6. Hi,

    Really loving this guide. I’m getting into film photography, and I was wondering if there was a guide that includes stores that sell film cameras around Melbourne. I really like seeing the physical things before buying them.

    Thanks 🙂

    1. Hi Ashan, I’ll update the list with this information once I’ve had a chance to gather it all together, thanks for the question.
      Stores vary depending on whether you are looking for new or used gear, and if new whether you are looking for lomography type products or foilm cameras manufactured by the major digital equipment guys.

      You can check out lomography gear at a few “fashion” stores around town, search for Urban Attitude and Incu. Photo labs and stores that stock cameras include Michaels (mainly second hand or high end new), Camera Lane (mainly second hand), Light Leaks (a bit of everything, mainly new lomo), (mainly new and used instant photography gear).

      There are more, but that’s an off the top of my head start for you.

  7. Acme et al in Yarra Glen not only have a darkroom for hire, but still process and print commercially up to 20×24″ – they only handle B&W. They re-located from Punt Road, South Yarra in ’04 – they were Acme Black + White back then… remember the b+w hereford cow fence? Maybe too long ago, but anyway they’re still around.

    1. Thanks for the information Morgan. I’m in the process of checking the details of everything listed in the photolab section of this page. I’ll add acme to that section soon.

  8. Thank you!! 🙂
    Great unexpected news from MGA this morning after watching Germany win the World Cup Final!!
    Hopefully, see you at the opening of the prize 🙂

  9. Many thanks for this list. I’m a film shooter, but a Melbs neophyte (from NYC originally, but have lived in NSW for the past 13 years). Heading in for a weekend break at the end of August to meander around town & also check out the BIFB Collection 14 event… and now I have just the guide I need to carry with me. Found my way here from MSM on flickr as I know you folks are always super helpful in this dept.

    Much appreciation.


    1. Thanks for the note Neil,

      Kmart is worthy of a mention sure particularly if you don’t live near a lab.
      But I’m only listing labs that do some form of processing in house at this stage.
      Kmart, Teds and most of the other major photo retail chains will take your film for you, I’d recommend using a lab on this list however, particularly as many of them will be very happy to take your film via mail order and you can communicate any specific needs you have.

  10. Updates:
    Edmund Pearce Gallery in the Nicholas Building recently announced its closure.
    Borg’s imaging, Moonee Ponds, no longer processing film.

    I’ve removed references to several labs that were in the list but marked as closed down.
    (Light Leaks, Elzabeth Street camera centre, Digital Photo Shop)

  11. Also worth noting that the analogue photo booth, which was located at the Elizabeth Street entrance to Flinders Street Station has reappeared a few metres further along Flinders Street, closer to the main station entrance.

  12. A very useful and comprehensive listing. I’ve used a few of the pro-level labs for many years, all the while seeing others come and go (e.g. LaTrobe Studios). Great work Chris!

  13. Hi,
    We are a family run business that processes as well as prints B&W film. We also accept mail order.
    Please check out this website for more details.

  14. Several labs large and small bit the dust in the first half of 2016.
    I’ve removed The Edge (Collingwood/Burwood) and Photobarn Burwood from the list, and a forthcoming audit of the labs will no doubt unearth several other closures.

  15. Added Andrew’s Antipodean Photographic Emporium, located in the Tyabb Packing House. A great source for cameras, accessories and general analogue photo curios.

    Updated the Gallery list to note closure of Ruffian in Fitzroy, and Strange Neighbour in Fitzroy, although Strange Neighbour’s darkroom remains open.

  16. Interesting site. Keep it up. Live in SA, but love getting into the CBD of Melbourne with my film camera’s. To me, a street photographers paradise. Cheers, Peter

  17. Hi, My name is Andrew Wittner and I have a very good b&w film studio/darkroom situation in my home in Heathmont 3135 where I process and print b&w films, both for myself and other people, using traditional equipment including 6x9cm autofocus enlargers onto silver-gelatin fibre-based paper, currently using Ilford’s very good MG FB Warmtone in gloss and semi-matt. I do workshops in b&w photography, processing, and printing, or can process and print for you or with you in my darkroom. Contact me on 0412120166 if I can help!

  18. Peninsula Camera in Frankston have a broad range pre-loved analogue cameras and accessories, offering trade-ins as well as the ongoing “Camera Appeal” full details on the website…… (35mm cameras, both Compact and SLR’S given away with film purchases)
    Odds’n’sods, darkroom bits’n’pieces

  19. Thanks so much for this list!! The Digital Camera Warehouse in Northcote develops and prints film, as well as sells film. They send the film off to Sydney for developing, so it takes about a week. Its $18 for dev, print and scan for basic colour film. Not sure if they sell film cameras or not.

  20. Hey, Peter from Ikigai Camera here!

    Just letting you know that we’re now open to the public (you can drop off film or pick it up!)

    Our current hours are on google 🙂

    Thanks for maintaining this great resource!

  21. Film Never Die also do developing, they’re on burke st i believe (great thread by the way! thanks for the list)

  22. I regularly have my 35mm film processing done at Brighton Bay Photos. Friendly, great service and quick turn around time. Video and 8mm & 16mm film transfers too.

  23. Big update, most of it sad.

    Michael’s has ceased processing film. One of the last local E6 labs – gone. Hopefully the lab will be resurrected somewhere.
    The Fox Darkroom & Gallery closed indefinitely, best of Luck to Tom and crew. No doubt they will be back in some way.
    Much loved CBD camera store Camera Lane has closed on Lt Bourke and are moving to Spotswood.
    On the positive side, Walkens House of FIlm now an actual store and lab, 101 Brunswick Street Fitzroy.

  24. Thanks for this list! It helped me finding out that a framing shop in my neighbourhood offers C41 development. I passed the shop hundreds of times without noticing. Happy shooting XP2 Super again.

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