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Welcome to urbanlight photography

Hello, I’m Chris Zissiadis, (people call me ziz, feel free to do that).  The urbanlight idea has contained my photographic efforts since early 2003. Thanks for stopping by.

About me

I write a bit, take photos a lot and am generally inspired by the great city of Melbourne.

I tend to take photos of the things I like; I like cities, I like people, I like the way people interact with a city and in doing so show us how it works, and how it doesn’t.

I like light, I like shadow and I really like the points where light ends and shadow begins.

These interests and the time on my hands to chase them photographically resulted in the urbanlight photo blog. That old blog is now history, but in case you missed the last 8 years here is but a sample of some of the photographs it contained.

I maintain the Melbourne Film Shooter’s Guide,

The guide lists all of Melbourne’s photo labs and suppliers, repairers and other groups that film friendly shooters will need to know about.

I also maintain the Australian Film Photogapher Index

The urbanlight store

Aside from zines I will occasionally offer prints, film and other photographic products and services for sale, please feel free to browse, no pressure.

Thanks again for having a look around urbanlight.

Should you have any questions, or want to know how to get in touch or stay up to date with what’s happening around here then please head over here.


Chris Zissiadis
Urbanlight Photography