HELIOTROPE | Leslie Eastman

Heliotrope explores metaphors of light and our relationship to a larger context. The material of light is explored in two ways in this exhibition. Firstly, through the use of the camera obscura, the naturally occurring optical marvel used repeatedly by Leslie Eastman to reflect on how the world sees itself and to relate spaces near and far. Heliotrope also shows video footage of dawn and dusk filmed at Europe’s first commercial Solar power station in Andalucía, Spain. The two encounters contrast presence and duration in our encounter with light.

This exhibition runs concurrently with The Illuminated Field also presented by Eastman at the Islamic Museum of Australia in Thornbury. A ‘call and response’ exchange is established between the two locations with The Illuminated Field providing an extended, immersive experience of the light harvesting experience.

Daytime Opening | Sat 18 February, 12–2pm

Dawn Viewing | Sat 4 March, from 6.30am

Heliotrope: Presence and Duration
Join the artist at BLINDSIDE from 6.30am for a dawn viewing at 7.07am (civil twilight starts 6.39am) with a performed reading at 7.05am by the artist + guest readers. 
Heliotrope addresses the contingency of light. This exhibition is dependent on natural light levels. A dawn viewing of the camera obscura will provide a peak experience of the optical phenomena. The dawn viewings will be accompanied by a performed reading of texts addressing the visible and invisible dimensions of light.

Leslie Eastman’s installation works explore our presence in and perception of the world. A graduate of Melbourne University and the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Eastman is interested in questions of seeing, optics, reflection and embodiment. Leslie has held over thirty solo and collaborative exhibitions nationally, at venues including ACCA, Linden and Experimenta, and internationally. Residencies include Gertrude Contemporary and the Australia Council Barcelona studio. Collaborations include six shows with New York based artist Natasha Johns-Messenger, featuring XYZ-NYC shown in New York in 2011. From 2009-11, Leslie was a founding member of Light Projects, an experimental project space which exhibited over thirty local and international artists exploring issues of psychoanalysis and perception. Leslie completed his PhD in 2015 and is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Fine Art at Monash University.

The artist acknowledges the support of Solucar, the Islamic Museum of Australia and the Australia Council for the Arts.

World Pinhole Photography Day 2014 photowalk

Everyone knows Sunday April 27th is WORLD PINHOLE PHOTOGRAPHY DAY right?

And of course it’s vital the Melbourne Silver Mine do it’s part. So here’s an idea – let’s all meet at Docklands, where there’s a wealth of things just sitting there, waiting for the ethereal beauty of the long exposure, massive depth of field, and soft silky focus of the glassless delight that is the pinhole camera.

Bring your own camera, or come and marvel at some other members’ plastic/wooden/tin marvels.

Meet at the upside-down cow sculpture.

Night Pinhole Shoot

The Melbourne Silver Mine has been commissioned by the folks at White Night Melbourne to help document this year’s event via a series of long exposure photographs.

The idea behind the MSM’s Exposure project is to use long exposure and pinhole photography to produce a unique photographic record of the event.

I’m very much looking forward to being a part of this project. in a rare moment of artistic pre-planning and forethought Lea and I took our light meters, stop watches and handy dandy notebooks into the city on Saturday night to test gear and assess practicalities.

Flinders Street Station from St Paul’s – 120 Second exposure

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