Is photography “flat, soulless and stupid”?

Guardian Arts journalist Jonathan Jones became the target of the global photographic community’s rage when he published a piece in The Guardian expressing his view that photography displayed in galleries is “flat, soulless and stupid“.

Jones could have surely come up with a less trolling headline and although he gives photography some praise, many have read his intent as being broadly anti-photography, hoping to restrict photographs to an efficient method of conveying information rather than acknowledging that photographs can be art.

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Fringe Benefits – Melbourne’s Urban Sprawl

During the 1970s, I was young. Unsatisfied with youth alone, I was also smaller than my present dimensions suggest. When one is small, regardless of age, distances seem more vast and common things seem more big. Everyday things: wardrobes, most objects manufactured by Fisher & Paykel, the packaging they are shipped in…just massive.

iain Maclachlan:' The Vanishing
iain Maclachlan:’ The Vanishing
Arax 60, Portra 400

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